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Do you have natural or dyed light brown or blonde hair? Do you want to restore brightness to your blonde hair and rekindle its golden reflections naturally? Lightening hair is a less drastic choice than the hairdresser's classic permanent colors, which in addition to damaging the hair making them frispious and frayed result in the unsightly regrowth which, in turn requires repetition, at intervals colorings on colorings. Using a lightening lotion is a much less invasive and in some respects even less expensive alternative, considering the current rates of hairdressers. Of course it is only to be considered for those who want to have a hair of some clearer tone. For all girls who want to blonde their hair, there are old remedies that replace the hairdresser and all the ammonia-based dyes. Among them stands the chamomile, which can be used to make decoudes that can give light blows to the hair without spoiling them with chemicals and without resorting to the hairdresser. Another method is also quite well known, that is that of beer. We have to wash the hair with our shampoo and conditioner, which we normally use. We put an abundant amount of beer, better if blonde, on all the hair and dry in the sun for about an hour. And here our hair will have beautiful golden reflections and also a good smell of beer. Olive oil is also a great lightening. Just put the oil on your hair and then get in the sun for a while. After that, we have to wash the hair, with a shampoo that should be preferably lemon. We take advantage to say that lemon, in fact, is also a lightening.

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